Waste Ventures Wastecart

WHERE | WHEN: Osmanabad & Ahmedabad, India | 2012
SECTOR | FIELD: Wheels, Waste Management | Mechanical Design
COLLABORATORS: Roger Morton, ICP Crew, WV Crew

3 Wheel final design - 5000Rs ($100)

Rendering of the 3-Wheel Design in Solidworks

Waste Ventures, a social business developing working models for creating trible bottom line businesses for waste in India, needed a low-cost doorstep waste collection cart for their projects. The Needs Assessment was done in Pune, Latur and finally Osmanabad, where Waste Ventures was starting a project through Jan Adhar, a local NGO.

To facilitate the prototyping of my wastecart, I partnered with Innovation Center for the Poor. ICP is a pioneer in the field of product, process innovations for the urban poor in Ahmedabad. ICP was originally a project formed through a partnership between SELCO and SEWA.

See some videos on household waste collection in India taken during my needs assessment stage.
A glimpse of household collection in Osmanabad
Transferring the waste for pick-up by bigger vehicles – one of many needs that need better design.

Check out this blog posting and others around it to understand the Needs Assessment I conducted.

Read more about the design, fabricate and iterate stages of the design on the Wastecart blog/CMS I maintained for updating Waste Ventures, ICP and IGS and other stakeholers on the progress.

Here are the two fabrication guides made for Waste Ventures local prototyping in New Delhi:
3-Wheeler Fabrication Guide
Sackbarrow Fabrication Guide